COST MORNET WG2 meeting and workshop

Agenda for the EU-Mornet Working Group 2 Meeting


Thursday, March 19th
10h Arrival, Registration, Coffee
10h30 Welcome, Agenda
Daniel Ioan, L. Miguel Silveira, Michal Rewienski
11h - 13h Session 1
11h - 12h Invited Speaker
Reduced-Basis Method for Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations: Understanding Electromagnetics via Circuit Theory
Prof. Valentin de la Rubia, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
12h - 13h Invited Speaker
Reduced Order MEEC Models for RFIC Design based on Coupled Electric and Magnetic Circuits
Prof. Gabriela Ciuprina, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
13h - 14h30 ** Lunch **
14h30 - 16h Session 2
14h30 - 15h30 Invited Speaker
Complexity Reduction in Modeling Multiphysics Systems Reduction
Prof. Daniel Ioan University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
15h30 - 16h EU-Mornet Handbook
Michal Rewienski, Wil Schilders
16h - 16h30 ** Break **
16h30 - 18h    Session 3
16h30 - 17h30 WG2 Presentations by members, students (registration open)
17h30 - 18h EU-Mornet Questionnaire discussion
L. Miguel Silveira, Bernard Haasdonk
18h WG2 Meeting: planning of activities
L. Miguel Silveira, Michal Rewienski
18h30 ** End of sessions **
19h30 ** Dinner **
Friday, March 20th
9h30 - 11h Session 4
9h30 - 10h Invited Speaker
SAPOR-based model order reduction schemes with quadratic frequency dependence of excitation for FEM macromodels
Grzegorz Fotyga, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
10h - 10h30 WG2 Presentations by members, students (registration open)
10h30 - 11h H2020 Opportunities [Discussion]
Wil Schilders
11h - 11h30 ** Break **
11h30 - 12h30 Session 5
11h30 - 12h30 Invited Speaker
Accelerated Integral Equation Methods for the Comprehensive Electromagnetic Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems
Dr. Jorge Fernandez Villena, Cadence Design Systems
12h30 ** Lunch **
14h - 16h MC Meeting
16h End of Meeting