The COST EU-MORNET Romanian sub-network



Name E-mail Institution Information
1 Prof. dr. ing. Daniel Ioan UPB
2 Dr. ing. Vasile Sima ICI
3 Prof. dr. ing. Cristian Oara UPB
4 Prof. dr. ing. Bogdan Dumitrescu UPB
5 Acad. Prof. dr. ing. Mihai Voicu UT Iasi
6 Prof. dr. ing. Vladimir Rasvan Univ. Craiova
7 Prof. dr. Octav Olteanu UPB
8 Prof. dr. ing George Constantin UPB
9 Prof. dr. ing Costin Sorin Bildea UPB
10 Prof. dr. ing. Gabriela Ciuprina UPB
11 Conf. dr. ing. Radu Stefan UPB
12 Dr. ing. Alexandra Raluca Stefanescu INMT
13 S.l. dr. ing. Tudor C. Ionescu UPB

The RO-MORNET is a non-formal, open group of scientists working in the area of Model reduction. The main responsibility of RO-MORNET members is to receive and to disseminate locally information regarding Model Reduction. Anyone interested to join this group is invited to send an e-mail message accompanied by a CV to The removing from this list may be done the same way.